Fw: 32k Blocksize Support

Eric Sandeen sandeen at redhat.com
Mon Jan 19 17:10:10 UTC 2009

D Landy wrote:
> Eric Sandeen wrote: 
>> I don't know if they're using a standard ext3 fs or not; perhaps it is
>> adultrated in some way for their needs that makes it incompatible w/ the
>> upstream tools. 
>> You could go through the code to find where that message is printed,
>> then work backwards to why (either via gdb, or printf insertions, or
>> whatever you're comfortable with...)
> Thanks, Eric, that's exactly what I've done. 
> :-) 
> Unfortunately there are many different error conditions that could result in 
> an "invalid superblock" message and it seems like it would be a hard job (at 
> least for me!) to work out which one it was as I don't know how to compile a 
> package or even how to get the right source code for Puppy Linux (which I 
> think is almost Debian compatible). 
> I guess this is going off-topic now and I should ask on other lists for help 
> with that? 
> Any assistance appreciated. 
> David

You could make an e2image and hope someone has enough spare time (I'm
afraid I don't at the moment) to take a look. (assuming e2image will
touch it....)


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