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Re: Incorrect disk usage size

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008, Adam Flott wrote:
   $ df
   Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
   /dev/sda1             48062440  46976212         0 100% /

So, "/" is really ~45 GB in total, but:

   $ du -sh -x /
   5.6G    /

du(1) counts only 5,6 GB? Hm, first thing that comes to mind are of course (stale) open files, which cannot be found with find(1) any more and are not freed to the fs, so df(1) does not know about it. I usually use
"lsof -ln | grep deleted", but that'd be a *lot* of large, open files.

   Block count:              12207384
   Reserved block count:     610369

This reserve would sum up to ~2,3 GB, but this still does not explain the difference to 45 GB. Hm.

I've looked for large files/directories via find (-type d/f -size +1G) and
fsck'ing the partition multiple times with various options, but no luck.

And you unmounted or at least remounted r/o the partition for the fsck, so the open files should not even be an issue here. Strange indeed...sorry to be of no help here...

BOFH excuse #39:

terrorist activities

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