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ext3 and the system date/time


I am looking for advise how to best handle the following problem.

I have a device where the system date/time could be changed back and forth between 1970 and 2038.
I noticed that when this happens, ext3 does not behaves well, sometimes.
For example if the system date is Jan 1 1970, and I create the ext3 file system, everything is Ok. If the date is changed to Jan 1 2000, running e2fsck usually indicates that the file system has not been checked for certain number of days and performs a check that completes Ok. Now if I create/delete/modify files, and then change the date to 2009 e2fsck complains with the following error:

Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.

Now if I set the system date back to Jan 1 1970 and re-run e2fsck, usually it succeeds either on the first or on the second run and reports no errors.

In all cases e2fsck is run only with option 'p'.
The ext3 file system is created on a 4GB SD card, using the command 'mke2fs -j <device>'

Is there any way to prevent/remove this dependency of the file system on changes in the system date/time?
If No, what would be the proper way to handle changes in the system date/time so e2fsck completes normally without aborting with the above error?



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