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Re: Re: ext3 and the system date/time

>>> Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.
> Is this reproducible? (I shall try this myself, but not right now)

Yes, but not with a single step. Here are the steps I follow.
-set system date time to Jan 1 1970 00:00.00
-create the ext3 file system (mke2fs -j )
-modify - for example create/modify/delete 20-50 files and directories.
-set system date to Jan 1 2000
- umount and run e2fsck -p - message like: "X days passed without check, check forced" is displayed
- mount
- set system date and time to current date and time
- umount, e2fsck -p , mount. Normally this check completes Ok.
- from here setting date to 2029 or back to 1970 triggers the error.

I noticed that if I do "tune2fs -i 0 " immediately after format the error is gone.
However, if I receive the error, and then do "tune2fs -i 0" the error does not go away. What is the reason for that?
Should not "tune2fs -i 0" disable the time stamp checks?



Jul 17, 2009 04:21:35 AM, lists nerdbynature de wrote:

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 at 22:54, dkg_004 verizon net wrote:

> Is there any way to prevent/remove this dependency of the file system
> on changes in the system date/time?

Instead of a time interval between checks you could use a counter to have
the fs checked every now and then. From tune2fs(8):

-i interval-between-checks[d|m|w]
Adjust the maximal time between two filesystem checks. No
postfix or d result in days, m in months, and w in weeks. A value
of zero will disable the time-dependent checking.

-c max-mount-counts
Adjust the number of mounts after which the filesystem
will be checked by e2fsck(8). If max-mount-counts is 0 or -1,
the number of times the filesystem is mounted will be disregarded by
e2fsck(8) and the kernel.

BOFH excuse #404:

Sysadmin accidentally destroyed pager with a large hammer.

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