command to recreate an FS?

Morty morty+redhat at
Wed Jun 3 09:09:47 UTC 2009

Is there a lightweight command to recreate an ext2/ext3/ext4 FS with
original options, e.g. based on tune2fs -l output?  That is, for
backup/restore purposes, it would be nice to run a command that saves
the options to recreate each FS.  Then, when restoring, the FSs would
be recreated exactly -- original label, UUID, reserved block count,
check interval, block size, etc.

e2image can recreate an FS, but it takes a while to run, and the
output file is large, even taking into account that the output file is
sparse.  It would be nice if e2image had an option to save just the
bare minimum metadata required to recreate the FS -- that would run
faster and take up less space.

If nothing like this already exists, I'll whip up something in Perl.
Just hoping not to reinvent the wheel.  :)

- Morty

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