kernel panic due to file system corruption

Christian Kujau lists at
Sun Jun 7 07:29:32 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, NeYo wrote:
> I have RHEL 4 AS running on HP ProLiant DL580 G5. 

RHEL 4, so you're running kernel 2.6.9 or something? Pretty

> The machine was running
> fine last week but was shutted down abruptly due to power and ups faliure.
> When i booted it again i got following error :
> I tried to mount all the partitions and they are mounting fine but the /
> partition (c0d0p2) does not have /bin and /etc folders, insted of which
> there are files of same name.

So, after the power failure "something" happened to your root filesystem. 
I'd suggest to boot off a rescue CD, backup your root partition (dd) and 
then try to e2fsck. The filesystem should then be in a consistent state, 
not sure if it will be usable though. Oh, and try to log all the e2fsck 
output in case you want to analyze it later on.

BOFH excuse #75:

There isn't any problem

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