Prevent umounting

Christian Kujau lists at
Sun Jun 14 17:09:11 UTC 2009

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, Donato Capitella wrote:
> If the user issues an umount command, he can still umount the filesystem
> and just gets a warning.

Why is the user (!root) allowed to unmount anyway? I guess the "user" or 
"owner" option has been used when the fileystem was mounted?

> My question is: how do I prevent the user from umounting the filesystem?

What are you really trying to do? If a mere user was allowed to /mount/ 
why do you want to disallow /unmounting/?

Maybe sudo(8) can help: allow the user to /mount/ but remove the "user" 
and "owner" option from fstab - that way a user can still mount but it's 
not "her" mount any more, thus umount will fail.

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