Prevent umounting

Christian Kujau lists at
Sun Jun 14 18:46:21 UTC 2009

[Cc'ing ext3-users again]

On Sun, 14 Jun 2009, Donato Capitella wrote:
> Well, that's not it.
> I modified the ext3 fs and added a kernel thread that performs deferred
> operations. As long as this thread is working, I would like the file
> system not to be unmounted.

I still don't understand the reasoning here: "not to be unmounted" as in 
a permission-bound issue ("is not allowed to unmount") or a technical 
issue? For the latter: simply keep an open file on the filesystem, unmount 
will fail with -EBUSY. Or it's a matter of "because we can", as in 
"because I want to be able to disallow mounting on the filesystem level".

But then again, I did not have my coffee yet and my brain keeps asking
why, why, why? :)

BOFH excuse #202:

kernel panic: write-only-memory (/dev/wom0) capacity exceeded.

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