command to recreate an FS?

Andreas Dilger adilger at
Wed Jun 17 23:16:05 UTC 2009

On Jun 17, 2009  14:07 -0400, Morty wrote:
> Even if no options were specified, some distros use UUID as the basis
> for FS mounts.  That's great if disks move around, but not so good if I
> upgrade from one disk to another.  And if I did specify options to
> mke2fs when creating the FS, or if I ran tune2fs to change options
> later, it would be nice to have an easy way to recreate those options.

The UUID can be specified or set during/after mke2fs I believe.

> Speaking of which, is there a way to set the directory hash seed?
> tune2fs -l will show me the current hash seed, but I don't see an
> option in mke2fs or tune2fs to set it.

Probably debugfs, since this isn't expected to be something that
users do normally.  It will cause all existing hash indexes to
become invalid, and "e2fsck -fD" would be needed to recreate them.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
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