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Re: kernel beginner - ext3 hacking help

1) Given a virtual inode, how do I get the block list associated to it?
I tried to convert the inode to an ext3_inode_info using EXT3_I(), but I
can't find the block list there.

block list is in the ext3_inode_info struct:

struct ext3_inode_info {
    __le32    i_data[15];    /* this is block list */
    __u32    i_flags;

and i do'nt know the second question.

2009/6/6 Donato Capitella <d capitella tin it>
Hi there,
I just started hacking the linux kernel. I need to know how to do 2

2) Given a block number, how do I write data to that block? Is there any
function like write_to_block(int block_n, char *buf, int bytes) or

Thank you in advance, I'm young and this is my first approach to kernel
programming and don't know where to find documentation.

Donato Capitella

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