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Re: Recommended max. limit of number of files per directory?

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, howard chen wrote:
>> If you turn on directory hashing it scales better but eventually
>> performance will still tank. You can use tune2fs to see how it is set and
>> change it if necessay.
> Yes, but I want to know if any testings was performed before?

This made me curious as well, but apart from an rather old benchmark[0] I 
found nothing recent. I wrote a small benchmark script that will touch, 
cat, rm a large amount of files in/from a single directory. The script is 
currently still running, trying to create 10M files on a 4GB partition; 
the results so far:

(dmesg, .config, JFS oops, benchmark script)

However, the correct answer is of course: do these tests with your 
applicaton and see if these results really match. And publish your 
results :)


[0] http://lwn.net/Articles/14631/
Bruce Schneier found the inverse of the constant zero function.

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