complete fs corruption after fsck

Udo Rader listudo at
Fri Aug 6 09:21:47 UTC 2010


we are currently facing the worst of all possible scenarios on one of
our virtualized database servers (kvm, with a qcow2 image).

After trying to repair a broken database, the kernel reported an ext3
error, put the filesystem in r/o mode and suggested an fsck.

The story ends with a completely destroyed filesystem, the only folder
existing is lost+found, containing huge amounts of #12345 style files
and folders.

Now my problem is that unfortunately most of the stuff that went into
lost+found is just unuseable garbage, there is hardly any "regular" file
in lost+found and its subdirectories.

What I desperatly need is at least one of the many +400M backup files
located on the server. They happen to be so called postsgresql "custom"
dump files, identifyable by their "PGDMP" file header.

In order to find out wether such files or fragments exist in lost+found
I fgrep'ed the entire folder, w/o success.

On the other hand, if I fgrep the qcow2 image file for the string, I get
results soon.

So, are there any options left to get more data back? I've played with
lde [1], but I must admit that the magic required to understand lde is
beyond my level of magic ...

If there is a chance, we would also be willing to pay for the efforts

Thanks in advance.

Udo Rader


Udo Rader, CTO

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