Inode 196617 has imagic flag set

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Mon Dec 6 14:20:24 UTC 2010

On Mon, 6 Dec 2010, Ted Ts'o wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Inode 196617 has imagic flag set
> On Mon, Dec 06, 2010 at 01:07:38PM +0000, Keith Roberts wrote:
>> Maybe e2fsck was getting confused at having two partitions with the
>> same partition label on the system?
> Well, the blkid library, specifically, was getting confused.  E2fsck
> uses the blkid library to map LABEL= and UUID= references to device
> names.

What about if th blkid library was to report some sort of 
'duplicate label name' error, when it maps the devices to 
label names?

That would be a great help.

> One thing that you might do for devices that are always present (which
> generally means you're not changing them in your /etc/fstab often) is
> to use a UUID= reference instead.  They are definitely less convenient
> than labels, but they are also much less likely to cause confusion by
> having duplicately labelled file systems.
> Granted, no one wants to *type* "mount
> UUID=9e132c06-1fd0-4bbd-ad06-5995a8f45b26"; they'd much rather type
> "mount LABEL=websites".  But if the only place the a
> UUID=... specification shows up is in /etc/fstab, it might be worth
> it.

Can I set the UUID value, with some descriptive 
text,(something like a long label name), or is the UUID only 
system generated?

> Then you can just zap the label on file systems that you only plan to
> reference via UUID, and then that reduces the chances for confusion in
> the future.
> Best regards,
>> PS Are there any PDF docs that would give me an overview of the ext3
>> FS, and how it works?
> Try the list of Articles and Publications here:

I'm reading up on that stuff now.

The first link in the list is interesting :)

I think the reason the USB has SO MANY errors on the FS is 
because I possibly unplugged it, before umounting it!

I understand that the umount command flushes any disk I/O 
buffers back to the drive?

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Keith Roberts


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