name_count maxed, losing inode data: dev=00:05, inode=5221

Christian Kujau lists at
Tue Feb 2 20:19:24 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010 at 13:50, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> This is all from the audit subsystem; it's not an ext3 issue AFAICT.

Yeah, after grepping for it I've seen this now. However, I still don't 
understand why it's printed at all and if it's something to worry about. 
Well, probably not, since it's printed with KERN_DEBUG, but then these 
messages should be supressed, no?

Also, can we alter the prinkt somewhat so it says where the message is 
coming from? Something like:

diff --git a/linux-2.6-git/kernel/auditsc.c.orig b/linux-2.6-git/kernel/auditsc.c
index fc0f928..17d8708 100644
--- a/linux-2.6-git/kernel/auditsc.c.orig
+++ b/linux-2.6-git/kernel/auditsc.c
@@ -1893,14 +1893,14 @@ static int audit_inc_name_count(struct audit_context *context,
 	if (context->name_count >= AUDIT_NAMES) {
 		if (inode)
-			printk(KERN_DEBUG "name_count maxed, losing inode data: "
+			printk(KERN_DEBUG "audit: name_count maxed, losing inode data: "
 			       "dev=%02x:%02x, inode=%lu\n",
-			printk(KERN_DEBUG "name_count maxed, losing inode data\n");
+			printk(KERN_DEBUG "audit: name_count maxed, losing inode data\n");
 		return 1;

BOFH excuse #298:

Not enough interrupts

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