Invalid superblock after e2fsck

Albert Sellarès whats at
Tue Feb 23 08:06:13 UTC 2010


I don't have the full e2fsck output now, but I can relaunch it to produce
the same behaviour and save the output. I will do it now, then I hope to
have the full output in +12h more or less.

Thanks all for your help and interest.

> So *do* you have the full e2fsck output?  I'd like to look at it to
> see what it did.  It's _possible_ that a really badly corrupted file
> system block might have caused it to get confused enough such that it
> managed to overwrite the superblock while trying to fix the
> filesystem.  But unless I see the whole e2fsck output, it's hard to
> say for sure what happened.
> 						- Ted

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