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corrupted quotas/running quotacheck on a mounted filesystem


1TB ext3 volume mounted via iSCSI on a RHEL5.5 system

the quotas on one of my systems (with ~5k users) seems to have become out of sync with reality (500MB reported, but 100G+ in reality) - i'm seeing some odd behavior when running the quota tools also. For example, "quota -u" shows no quota for some users, but when running "edquota", they're visible in the list.

As such, I think i'm in need to running the quotacheck utility. From the man page, it would appear that this is to be run on an unmounted filesystem - is this accurate? can it be safely run on a mounted filesystem? I understand that the results might not be completely accurate if information changes during the quotacheck run, but it should be more accurate than it is now!

I'm not really able to take the system offline for an unmounted filesystem for another month or so, but would really like to get some more accurate figures in the quota.

Or is there another option i've missed?



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