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Re: file open -> disk full -> save -> file 0 byte

* Stephen Samuel <samuel bcgreen com> hat geschrieben:

> a slightly easier way of going through the indirect block...
> recovered=12
> for i in `hexdump -e '4/4 "%10i " "\n"' /ramfs/restored.ind` ; do
>         if [[ "$i" -ne 0 ]] ; then
>                 dd if=$DEV bs=$BS of=/ramfs/restored.ind skip=$i
> seek=$((recovered++))  count=1
>         fi
> done


> However, if the inode in question still exists,

No it doesn't. Ralf used a tool called ext3grep which greps through the
journal to find old versions of the data in question.

> then I'd be inclined to suggest that you mount the filesystem
> (readonly preferably),

As to my knowledge, it is still impossible to mount an ext2 file system
with the needs_recovery flag read only with the ext3 driver and because
that flag is wrongly made "incompatible", it's  even impossible to mount
it with the ext2 driver. Please do NEVER AGAIN suggest to anyone to mount
-o ro an ext2 filesystem having a journal if he has troubles with that file

Regards, Bodo

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