mount problems with ext3

Andreas Dilger adilger at
Mon Feb 7 16:31:58 UTC 2011

On 2011-01-13, at 01:26, shivraj wrote:
> i have created ext3 partition on NetBSD system
> i am sending data to that ext3 partition using iscsi protocol.
> i have mounted the same partition on another linux machine .
> The problem is that to view new upcomming data on ext3 partition i need to
> first umount and then need to mount the previously mounted partition.
> can any one tell me whether i can view new data on the ext3 partition
> without unmounting and mounting that partition? 

Ext3 is not a shared filesystem, and mounting it from two different systems will lead to data corruption and loss.  You need to use something like NFS to do this.

Cheers, Andreas

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