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Wed Jun 15 04:20:59 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 2:04 AM, Andreas Dilger <adilger at dilger.ca> wrote:

> Since ext3/4 work hard to allocate file blocks contiguously, it makes sense
> to
> assume that after the header blocks the file blocks will be present.  While
> this is less likely to be true as the file size increases, for ext4 it is
> usually true for files smaller than a few MB, which is many of them.

Thanks for the clarification. On ext4,I believe an extent can address upto
128MB.  So I assume, for a file of size 50MB ,there is possibility this will
be stored contiguously. Is that correct assumption? and  If we  mounted ext3
as ext4, will the inode become extent based rather than the old
direct/indirect block accessing method?

> Cheers, Andreas

FOSS Programmer.
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