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extcarve - ext2,ext3,ext4 file carving tool

Hi -
Updated my old project named "ext3carve" and renamed it as "extcarve" . It uses libext2fs. (To be precise,re-uses on 'debugfs' command's "dump_unused" feature)

In summary,the tool will do the following -   It will scan the linux machine ,for unused/deleted blocks and search for magic signatures. If it finds valid signature (both header and footer) It saves the file at given external drive.

Now it can recover- non-fragmented (like png,jpg,gif,html,c/cpp/php,pdf files) deleted files.One main advantage is that it opens the affected partitions on read-only mode,thus no changes made to affected disk.Disk remains the same - regardless of whether extcarve recovers them or not.

Simply usage would be -
1. Copy extcarve binary to Pen drive.
2. Plug-in the pen-drive to affected system.(the system from where you want to recover files)
3.Attach an external harddrive to affected system so that recovered files will be stored on external hdd.
3. Run the extcarve from within pendrive - Provide affected drive as input and external drive as output directory.
Checkout recovered files at external hdd.

Download url - www.giis.co.in/giis
Any feedbacks/comments are welcome.

FOSS Programmer.

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