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Re: extcarve - ext2,ext3,ext4 file carving tool


What are the pros and cons when compared to ext3grep and extundelete?

Carlo wood's ext3grep uses Journal entries to recover the files. If I'm not wrong extundelete ,is an extension of ext3grep which supports ext4.
If Journal entries are lost or overwritten,It would be difficult for them to recover. (Please correct me,If I'm wrong :D ) 

extcarve doesn't depend on journal entries - It scans the disk for valid magic signature of a file and tries to recover them.
I think extcarve  similar to tool like foremost http://foremost.sourceforge.net/

In addition, what is the Pen drive? I mean, since we need to attach an
external harddrive, why don't we run the command within the harddrive?

I was just extra-careful, I have seen some new users installs the recover software on the affected partition itself,which is not a good thing (The recover software may overwrite the file,user wants to recover) .Yes,you can install the command on external hard-drive and use it.


FOSS Programmer.

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