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Re: extcarve - ext2,ext3,ext4 file carving tool

It did generate some output file under the output directory. However,
none of these files are the original files. About 196M bytes files are
generated, however, every single file is of the same size, 4KB.

That's strange,since  while testing it i have seen files upto 274KB. 

were four types of files, cpp/png/gif/pdf. I tried to open the pdf
files, it could be open, but the contents are not what I expected,
there are just some weird contents in the pdf file. Actually how can a
normal pdf be only 4KB?

I find it difficult to understand why all files are 4KB? What  was the command that you have used to invoke extcarve?
What's your file system's default block size? (Use command : tune2fs -l /dev/<your_device>  | grep "Block size") I have tested  
with ext3,ext4 with 4KB as block size.


FOSS Programmer.

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