damaged encrypted LUKS device

Matija Nalis mnalis-ml at voyager.hr
Sat Nov 26 16:40:04 UTC 2011

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 03:15:42PM +0100, Markus Feldmann wrote:
> And from <dmesg> i got the message:
> >[ 3094.394043] EXT4-fs (dm-0): ext4_check_descriptors: Inode bitmap for group 3328 not in group (block 1235654634)!
> >[ 3094.394056] EXT4-fs (dm-0): group descriptors corrupted!
> Further on, when i try to <fsck -N /dev/sdb> i get:
> >fsck from util-linux 2.19.1
> >fsck: fsck.crypto_LUKS: not found
> >fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.crypto_LUKS for /dev/sdb
> But cryptsetup is installed, only lvm2 is missing, but i dont have a
> LVM device and as i researched at "debian.org" there is no package
> which provides the command <fsck.crypto_LUKS>.
> Any hints/instructions for me?

try "e2fsck -C0 /dev/dm-0" (assuming /dev/dm-0 is your block device 
after decryption).

And do full block-by-block backup of your external USB disk first! 
(using dd(1))

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