Trace ACL updates to an ext3 inode

Aaron Tomlin atomlin at
Sun Jan 1 13:54:45 UTC 2012

I am trying to record all ACL related updates to a particular inode on
an ext3 file system.


  * Is ext3_set_acl() the best entry point to trace from?

I wrote the following trivial system tap script, in an attempt to
capture this information:

* Aggregate calls to ext3_set_acl() for a particular inode number
* Purpose:
*  - Track ACL modifications to an ext3 inode
global check_count;
global inode_num = 0;

probe module("ext3").function("ext3_set_acl") {
        inode_num = $1;
        if ($inode->i_ino == $1) {
                printf ("execname: %s, pid: %d, inode num: %d\n",
execname(), pid(), $inode->i_ino);
                /*check_count++; */
                check_count[execname()] <<< 1;

probe end {
                printf ("Calls to ext3_set_acl():\n");
        foreach ([exec] in check_count-) {
                printf ("%s operated %d times on inode %d\n", exec,
@count(check_count[exec]), inode_num);
        delete check_count;
        delete inode_num;

Thanks in advance,

Aaron Tomlin

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