Relation between aborted journal and read only file system

Shubham Sharma kernel.shubham at
Thu Oct 25 16:25:40 UTC 2012

Hi All,

This is my first post in this mailing list.

I am a learner in this field.

I have a query here :

1. If ext3 filesystem's journal got curropted then is it necessary
thatfilesystem will be mounted read only ?
either YES/NO, I want to know the reason also.

(If I can get some links/document for this then it will be really useful)

2. Also I would like to know that how we can find root cause of ext3
corruption ?

3. In case we found root cause then how to fix and test the code. I think
in this case
regression would be required because file system can impact whole system.
So , how to be sure about my fix .

Please reply ..

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