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Re: ext4 and extremely slow filesystem traversal

On 13/03/2013 21:33, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> Wow.  You have more directories than regular files!  Given that there
> are no hard links, that implies that you have at least 2,079,271
> directories which are ***empty***.

  Awful, isn't it ? I knew directories were abused, but didn't know that
'e2fsck -v' would display the exact figures (since I never waited 5+
hours to scan the whole filesystem). Nice to know.

> The inline data feature (which is still in testing and isn't something
> I can recommend for production use yet) is probably the best hope for
> you.  But probably the best thing you can do is to harrague your
> developers to ask what the heck they are doing....

  Indeed, these filers are storing live and sensitive data and are
conservatively running stable OS and well known kernels.

  Thanks for your advice, I'll actively work with the devs in order to
refactor their filesystem layout.

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