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Re: filesystem

Hello Bill again.

Two things.


I read this mailing list, so no need to send answers to me personally in


I guessed it already, but now it got really obvious, that you didn't do
your homework.

Please search for your questions in your favorite search engine first. Yes,
I know, that there is not much easy to understand information on ext2 (in
all flavours) out there, but there is enough to get you startet. Once you
get to the details, which you can't get from those online source, feel free
to ask again, but I will from now on ignore any question not specific
enough for my taste.

Ah, and to give you a start, here are some links for you to study before
asking ANY more questions here. If you don't understand anything, ask, if
you can't figure out anything, ask, but don't ask the easy things, that's
really something you should work out for yourself.


(The pdf also contains details about ocfs2 - you can just ignore that.)

Regards, Bodo

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