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Re: File System corruption tool

We have a script that adds corruption to ext2/3/4 filesystems and runs 
e2fsck on it. It definitely could be improved, but it still catches some
occasional errors:


It tries to format the filesystem with different features and options, then
adds corruption from both random data and copying parts of the
filesystem internally to some other part of the filesystem. It might be useful to corrupt some random bits and bytes in the filesystem also,
but it doesn't do that today.

There is also fsfuzzer, which writes random data to the filesystem and
tries to mount it, but I don't know if that has been tried with e2fsck. 

The other major question I have is why you are trying to create a new
proprietary filesystem?  That is really a ten year effort, and you would
be much better off to use one of the many existing filesystems. If
the current ones don't meet your exact needs, add the missing
features you need instead of creating a whole new one from scratch.

While I'm a big fan of ext4, there are many other good filesystems out
there - XFS, Btrfs, ZFS, and several flash filesystems. 

Cheers, Andreas

On Jan 18, 2014, at 5:13, "Lakshmipathi.G" <lakshmipathi g gmail com> wrote:

Hi - 

I'm searching for file system corruption tool, say it inject disk-errors like
multiply owned blocks etc. Later an integrity scan process (like e2fsck) will
verify on-disk layout and fix these errors. 

I'd like to read/understand such tools before writing one for an proprietary
on-disk file system. 

Do we have such tools for ext{2,3,4}fs ? Thanks for any help or pointers!

FOSS Programmer.
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