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Re: File System corruption tool

> For s-ata drives, you can use hdparm to create a bad sector that will cause an IO error on read. (Write will fix it)

Thanks Ric Wheeler. Just looked into hdparm, it has nice option to 
corrupt sectors but I need to manipulate disk-entries also (like 
add invalid nlink value in an inode structure etc). 

> We have a script that adds corruption to ext2/3/4 filesystems and runs 
> e2fsck on it. It definitely could be improved, but it still catches some

Thanks Andreas. I was going the script, liked idea to create file system 
image based on random files. It has minimal option as now of. Will look 
into fsfuzzer.

> The other major question I have is why you are trying to create a new
> proprietary filesystem?  

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I was assigned with a task of creating a 
framework to corrupt disk-layout on an existing FreeBSD based closed source
file system. We have e2fsck like integrity checker, but corrupting disk script 
needs to be added. Thanks!

FOSS Programmer.

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