[long] major problems on fs; e2fsck running out of memory

Bodo Thiesen bothie at gmx.de
Mon Jun 2 20:52:56 UTC 2014

* Keith Keller <kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us> hat geschrieben:

Hi Keith

> I have a very similar second server which has undergone a similar chain
> of events, an initial ~2.5tb fs followed by a resize later.  I believe
> that it has been fsck'd since the resize (but don't quote me on that).
> Am I likely to run into this issue with this fs?  And if I do, what
> steps should I do differently (e.g., use the latest e2fsck right away;
> don't e2fsck, get files off quickly, and mke2fs; something else)?

umount and then e2fsck -f -n -C 0
(the -C 0 is only for the progress bar)

If it report the fs to be clean (a hand full of errors like b_size wrong
or deleted inode has zero dtime and stuff like that in low number is
ok - to be sure, you might want to post that output here and ask before
removing the -n to fix those errors), you should be save. If it reports
tons of errors or includes invalid blocks or checksum errors. mount -o ro
and backup everything and then mke2fs.

Regards, Bodo

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