Recommended minimal amount of free space to keep?

Ivan Baldo ibaldo at
Fri Jun 6 23:57:09 UTC 2014

     So, LVM is cool, having different partitions for different stuff is 
cool, and of course Ext4 is cool and *reliable*.
     So, we create some logical partitions and put ext4 on them, 
reserving LVM space for growing those partitions or even making new ones 
     The thing is, I would like to keep every filesystem as small as it 
can be, but without degrading the performance too much.
     I guess that having a filesystem 99% full will create too much 
fragmentation and many other issues, but having them only 30% full seems 
like a waste.
     Currently I try to keep them at 70% full utilization but I have not 
based that on anything just guess.
     So, what % hysteresis do you recommend? For example, when they get 
70% full then grow them so that they get 50% full? Other values?
     Thanks for the hints!
     Good day everyone.

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