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Re: [long] major problems on fs; e2fsck running out of memory

* Keith Keller <kkeller wombat san-francisco ca us> hat geschrieben:

Hello Keith

> Yes, I do have backups.  :)
> # some 150k messages later
> # again over 100k lines of errors
> # again over 100k lines of errors
> Repeated attempts seem to get farther into repairs, but there's still a
> large number of repairs reported, which seems scary,

The number of errors and the kind of errors suggest, that there is just
bogus data on the file system, either due to hardware errors (i.e.
misdirected writes or writes of bogus data) or due to lower level software
problems (e.g. in the lvm code). Either way. I suggest, you check whether
you can manually save files modified since your last backup and then just
restore your backups. After that, check your manually saved files to
be clean before incorporating them back into the new live file system.

With a backup and the current state of your file system it's hardly worth
the efford to even try to get the errors fixed. You will invest more time
in fixing the errors than in just restoring the backup. And even after
fixing all the errors, many files may be corrupted anyways. And in my
experience, most of the time, no data is better than bad data.

Regards, Bodo

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