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[fab] Google's Summer of Code 2006

Last year, Google sponsored the Summer of Code program, which introduces 
collegiate students to open source development by connecting them with 
mentors and providing initiative.  The Fedora Project participated and 
provided mentoring for 12 projects.  These had mixed results but provided us 
with some valuable tools, including our Live CD generator and a tool that 
we're currently working on adding to our infrastructure to gather hardware 
usage information from our users.

Google has just announced that they will sponsor the event again this year.  
Will we participate again?

I'd really like for us to work on this program again.  It is a valuable 
opportunity to bring new contributors to our project and to support an 
awesome program.  This year, I think we can better involve our contributors 
in the process, gathering more volunteers to help in the mentoring and to 
provide suggestions and feedback.  Last year, the burden of the program 
rested almost entirely upon Elliot.

One of the people who was accepted for the program last year was actually a 
co-worker of mine, and I enjoyed the opportunity to help someone get started 
with open source in such a fashion.  His results were not ideal, and I have 
been disappointed with his failure to follow-up, but a program like this is 
always going to have a few participants that don't measure up.  I'd very much 
enjoy the opportunity to work with the program again, hopefully with better 
results.  As a bonus, every student that we mentor will bring $500 for our 
participation.  That $500 per student could be a valuable addition to our 

Google will be accepting organization applications until May 1st.  Can we 


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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