[fab] tuesday's fedora project board meeting

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Tue Apr 18 03:44:14 UTC 2006

The Fedora Project Board meets on Tuesday at 5:00 PM EDT.  I'm posting a 
proposed agenda to this list because it's a great way to generate 
discussion, and the meeting summary will be posted to the wiki once it is 

This is my first draft -- it's probably more than enough to get some 
conversations going on this list and take up a big chunk of the hour phone 
call.  If there's other topics people would like to see, please add them.

An action item for me is to set up some space on the wiki to track this 
stuff, so that it doesn't get lost in email list jumble.



1.  Topics ready for f-advisory-b list discussion.  For each of these 
topics, I'd like to get one board member to volunteer to start the thread 
on f-a-b this week, and serve as a moderator of the discussion.

+ Fedora Project Board governance policy
 	- succession and election
 	- handling of Red Hat seats
 	- handling of community seats
 	- terms for community seats
 	- expand on the initial discussion we had at the first meeting

2.  Topics to discuss and assign a board member to "own" where applicable 
-- with other board members offering support (for example, lots of legal 
questions will probably go through me to Mark Webbink).

+ Updates from Board members on happenings in the Fedora world:
 	- what do we need to know, that we might not already?
 	- new packaging guidelines for maintainers
 	- what is Ambassadors up to?
 	- anything going on in Extras?  Docs?  etc.

+ Lowering barriers to entry for contributors
 	- getting started as a contributor
 	- how to start a new SIG
 	- how can we simplify the CLA and still keep things legal?
 	- etc, etc.  coming up with the questions is part of it.

+ Single sign-on capability, plone, website team's plans
 	- this needs an owner who can make some headway and report back
 	- skvidal seems like a good choice for this???

+ "opening core"
 	- what's the best term for this?
 	- notting, katzj, sopwith, mspevack all involved
 	- bring the other board members up to speed
 	- make sure everyone knows what's going on
 	- any additional action needed?

+ Need a clear, coherent policy around usage of "Fedora" as a whole
 	- what can people do/change and still call it Fedora
 	- Kadischi as an example
 	- everything must be part of the Fedora project?
 	- any exceptions?
 	- does Paul want to tackle a draft of this?

3.  Stuff that needs to start getting done, and has an owner.

+ Producing frequent "Fedora Status Reports"
 	- aggregating status reports from all PMC's (monthly)
 	- Fedora Board status reports
 	- Messaging of progress through RHAT and community
 	- If we do it right, this *shouldn't* be that much work
 	- mspevack volunteers for ownership

Max Spevack
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