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[fab] The next board once this board is tired of being the board

Hey folks,
 I promised I would get this thread started so I thought I should stop
waffling and do it.

Things I need help figuring out:
- How do we determine:
   1. who gets in and under what circumstances for the red hat filled
seats of the board. This is really an issue internal to red hat but the
part that gets complex for the board is how and who we talk to about
getting rid of someone who is a problem and who fills one of the red hat

   2. Placement of community seats:
       a. Do we have elections or is it all placed?
          i. If elections how often to have elections (proposed: every 2
          ii. how to have the elections (who votes?)
       b. If appointments: how do we handle nominations and/or do we
want to have a certain kind of minimum standards for appointed persons
(membership/active contribution to another project inside fedora, etc)

In the first meeting of the board we more or less suggested this:

1. community seats are elected
2. community seats have new elections every 2 releases
3. the rh seats will be settled by rh internally
4. if the board generally is unhappy with the board member it should be
taken up with project lead
5. if the board is generally unhappy with the project lead then max has
us all arrested and appoints a new board with brand new rubber stamps to
approve all of his excellent and, may I say, expertly drafted decrees.

since this is about seats and what not and ostensibly about elections
I'm sure everyone has something to say/suggest or other models to follow
from other organizations.

Please, discuss.


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