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[fab] [Fwd: What is the mkisofs license?]


Another license mess. Is CDDL by itself acceptable to Fedora at all?

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Sigh.  I love writing "license mess" articles.

After reading a bunch of classic Shilling mail on another mailing list,
I did an "rpm -qi mkisofs" on my rawhide^WFedora development system.
Here's a few lines of what I got...

  Name        : mkisofs                      Relocations: (not relocatable)
  Version     :                     Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
  Size        : 1651183                          License: CDDL

The interesting thing is that mkisofs is *not* licensed under the CDDL.
The code has copyrights going back to 1993 (Yggdrasil!), and it is
clearly a GPL-licensed program.

According to the source, mkisofs uses libscg, which, in the 2.01.01
release, *is* licensed under the CDDL.  Which says to me (and a bunch of
people on the Debian lists) that the resulting combination is not

Is this issue on Fedora's radar?  There may be trouble brewing here...


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