[fab] Integrate Legacy

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Mon Jun 5 18:28:00 UTC 2006

I would really like to see some movement on integrating Legacy into the
existing Fedora infrastructure.  What does this involve?

* Plague instance for Legacy.
  - Building of RHL7.3/9 packages(?), FC1->3

* CVS tree to use
  - copies of current FC (and RHL?) trees to commit changes to
  - Support in account system for ACLs

* Publishing software
  - Currently we push to download.fedoralegacy.org in our own tree
format.  We should push to download.fedora.redhat.com and use the real
mirror system
  - Sign+Push software and users.  A few people know the Legacy key and
could push.

Some of these can be done in stages.  Currently we don't use CVS to
manage our changes (ick) but we could get a Plague instance up and
running prior to having CVS, and that could be added later.  Likewise we
could continue to hand sign/push our packages to our current mirror
structure before moving into download.fedora space.

There are some questionmarks regarding RHL support.  Personally I would
really like to see Legacy's support of RHL die with FC6 Test2.  Then we
would only have to worry about building FC3+FC4 packages in the Legacy
space.  This would make it much easier for CVS, for the build system,
for the publishing tool, etc...  However there is bound to be resistance
to dropping said support.  However, we could also keep that separate.
Continue to support RHL through our existing build system, while we move
the FC support to the Fedora infrastructure.  Lots of options there, and
headaches there.

Anyway, I'd like a clear Go Ahead from the Board to start talking to the
folks necessary to make these things happen.
Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora
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