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Re: [fab] EULA/Export Concerns

Roozbeh is certainly welcome to his opinions, but having been through this discussion many times before, this is a non-issue.  Fedora is U.S.-based, and Red Hat, as its distributors, has an obligation to abide by U.S. law regardless of what the GPL may say.  That law forbids the export of Fedora to certain countries and individuals.  Anyone who knowingly distributes or permits the distribution of Fedora in violation of U.S. export control laws is subject to substantial fines and criminal conviction.  This  is not dissimilar to the laws in other countries that regulate the import and export of goods, including computer software, and Fedora is obligated to respect all of those.  The fact that these laws exist does not override the intent of the licensor, i.e., that Fedora is free software, nor does it in my legal opinion violate the GPL (understanding that others, including the FSF, may disagree with me on this point).  However, the GPL does not relieve anyone from complying with the national laws in those countries within which they reside.


Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
Roozbeh Pournader just posted the following on the fedoraproject.org wiki 
within his personal namespace.  I wanted to bring this to everyone's 
attention.  For Roozbeh, this is a bit of a personal issue, since export 
control in the U.S. technically requires that we not ship Fedora to Iran, 
where Roozbeh is located.


I am planning to keep notes about the problems of the Fedora EULA here. I
consider this personal Fedora-related space, and am using this to help keep
information about the problems
ula.txt the current EULA] creates, specially by making Fedora non-free

The main issues are:
 * Fedora is not free software
 * Fedora is not open source software
 * Fedora violates the GNU General Public License
 * EULAs are bad

Random posts from my blog:
 * http://www.advogato.org/person/roozbeh/diary.html?start=8
 * http://www.advogato.org/person/roozbeh/diary.html?start=9

== Fedora is not free software ==

== Fedora is not open source ==

== Fedora violates GPL ==

== EULAs are bad ==

Further reference:



I don't see merit in all of Roozbeh's concerns, but they're worth looking into 
for the sake of Doing the Right Thing.


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