[fab] Fedora Core Updates -- "respins"

Christopher Blizzard blizzard at redhat.com
Wed May 17 17:16:09 UTC 2006

Karsten Wade wrote:
>> Second question comes to infrastructure, are there any hardware or 
>> bandwidth resources available to the community at large? Using our group 
>> as an example, we are a small group that is funding all of our 
>> adventures out of our own pockets. Hosting something like and updated 
>> ISO would break us and cripple our connections making bittorrent the 
>> only option.
> Just in case we cannot arrange formal mirror space, I recommend that we
> lean hard on Fedora contributors to share some of their own bandwidth.
> I pledge at least 100 Kb of torrent upload (about a sixth of my upload
> rate).
> Then you an use your bandwidth to deliver the ISO via a secret URL
> directly to the torrent hosts.

Idea generation: borrow from the firefox affiliate system.  Points to 
people who deliver X kilobytes of data or X amount of bandwith.  Props 
to folks who delivery X number of distributions (based on bandwith.)


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