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Re: [fab] fedora project board meeting 5/2

Max Spevack wrote:

1.  Review last meeting's action items:
    - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Meetings/2006-04-18
    - what was completed, what is in progress, what wasn't started

2. Where are we with FC6? Get an update from Jeremy, anything related to that.

3. Infrastructure team. We need to find a contractor/intern/etc who can actually get some code written.
    - get a job req open
    - update the list of projects that need to be done

Second time I've heard this recently. What projects would this person start with?

4. Fedora Test Lead position has been filled. Talk about that, and automated testing in Fedora.

5. Update entire board regarding the meeting that several of us had with Matthew regarding the future of the build system, and opening up the ability for the community to contribute even more to Fedora.
    - get everyone on the same page
    - making sure the FESCO folks are in the loop and on board
- timeline/work around a formal plan that the community can see and contribute to.

Would love to hear how this went.


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