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Re: fun with naming

What about "Fedora Pack"?

Greg Dekoenigsberg wrote:


We're talking about a *very specific problem*: naming the Universe of Packages Build by the Fedora Project.

"The Fedora Project" is the umbrella for everything that Fedora does.

"Fedora" is a brand name that is attached to things that say "this is sponsored by the Fedora community".

We need a way to say "this entity is a collection of all the packages that can be used to build distributions based on Fedora." And it can't just be "Fedora", and it can't be "Fedora Linux".

"Fedora Universe" is close, but problematic for a couple of reasons. "Fedora Star" is maybe too clever.

But again: it's about the packages. Hell, maybe it's just "the Fedora Packaging Project". Sometimes it's best to call it what it is.


On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Alex Maier wrote:

What happened to the "Fedora Project"?
"Project" can include any number of things -- a bunch of packages, among
other things.

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