Release Engineering Meeting Recap from Monday 16-APR-07

John Poelstra poelstra at
Tue Apr 17 04:36:50 UTC 2007

Formatted text and full IRC log here:

Please make edits to the wiki if I've mis-characterized an issue or left 
something out.


== Executive Summary ==
  1. Freezing for Test4 tomorrow (17-APR-07)
     * f13 to create tag and start signing packages on 17-APR-07
     * start of continuous freeze until Fedora 7 goes GOLD
     * potential checkins for F8 starting in June (assuming all goes well)
     * any builds will have to be brought to rel-eng at 
before it'll get included in:
       a. Rawhide
       a. the final release.
     * Eventually need documentation surrounding the freeze and distro 
build process
  1. Merge of extras and core
     * will not delay F7
     * will most likely not be completed until after F7
     * held up because of equipment needed in the colo
     * post-merge some packages will need to be rebuilt to  pick up deps 
that used to be in Extras
  1. In the future we should consider a mass rebuild of all packages 
around, but no later than test2
  1. Still working on increasing build capacity
  1. Discussion of Features
     * incomplete features at this stage of the release will be dropped
     * incomplete features will not block the release
     * poelcat will go ping feature owners and update the wiki
     * Unclear whether codecbuddy is in or out: controversy over whether 
it should block the release or not
     * Known feature which are OUT: boot/shutdown, customdistro (as 
written) fix wakeups, newinit, syslogng, texlive
     * Known feature which are IN: fast-user-switching, fds, everything, 
kde, prime, targeted spins, firewire, libata, livecd, nouveau, rpm/yum, 
wireless, tickless, pungi, firmware, smolt
  1. wwoods reported on the state of the trees + discussion of important 
areas needing testing
     * looking pretty solid
     * most concerned about the pata/libata changeover
     * concerns about iwlwifi and e1000 changes
     * upgrade testing from FC6 and FC5
     * automated testing is being conducted using KATE
     * SNAKE scheduled for release around May 3
     * Friday is a kernel bug triaging day
     * bad mkinitrd bug which hoses scsi     *BZ 220470
  1. wwoods will write the test4 announcement which will include known 
problems, newly added features, and upgrade issues
  1. Blocker bugs
     * Blocker bugs are best effort; not *all* blocker bugs must be 
fixed to go GA
     * Blocker bug criteria:
     * F7 blocker bug is 
the big blocker for FC7
     * F7T4 blocker bug
  1. Potential schedule slips
     * none known at this time
  1. Open discussion
     * cdrkit
          * need to decide what to do with it
          * Extras vs. Core and when to merge
     * wwoods "I got confirmation from the bluez maintainer that the 
firmware is freely redistributable (although non-modifiable), just like 
the intel firmware"
  1. Next Release Engineering Meeting
     * Thursday 19-APR-07 at 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT)
     * Coordination of sub-groups
     * Test4 status
     * When should we branch for F8?

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