Fedora Board Recap 2007-AUG-21

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Fri Aug 24 19:40:23 UTC 2007


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Max Spevack, Seth Vidal, John Poelstra, Jesse Keating, Jeremy Katz, Steve Dickson, Karsten Wade, Dennis Gilmore, Matt Domsch, Jef Spaleta, Mike McGrath, Chris Blizzard, Chris Aillon, and Paul W. Frields

Regrets: Bill Nottingham

Brainstorming and discussion meeting with the Fedora Board, past members, and key contributors.

== Job Descriptions ==
 * Max has been circulating a write-up formalizing his job responsibilities and possibly splitting some of them off to a separate marketing position.  
 * All in draft form at this point.
 * Question raised as to viability of funding for an additional position
 * Could marketing position be a community position?
    * pros and cons to being full time paid Red Hat position or not
 * What about a business development position whose responsibilities would be to get more of the community involved

== Leadership Impact ==
What are the places where better Fedora leadership could have the most immediate impact?
 1. Marketing
 1. Press
 1. Community involvement
 1. Hardware vendor pre-installs
 1. University labs
 1. Better funding for infrastructure needs

== Future of Fedora ==
What are the big things we would like to see actively happening by the Fedora 10 release time frame?
 1. More SIGs focused on different groups of users
 1. Wevisor
 1. Really good virtualization tools--Xen falls way short of VMWare
 1. Real Marketing and Recognition of Fedora Brand
 1. Fedora identified as the "model" for open community
 1. Make it easy people to install Fedora to do exactly what they want to do--no extra stuff, just what they want to do
 1. Better bug process--complete overhaul
 1. Much better integration with Online Desktop/Mugshot
 1. Smooth integration with a variety of online storage facilities such as Amazon's S3
 1. Better high school and college integration
 1. Tying Fedora account into other forums and locations
 1. Define what "leading edge" is instead of "being it"
 1. Ubiquity--desktop adoption
    * Embeded hypervisors are on the way for all new machines
    * Fedora could be attractive because it has no licensing fees

== Quality ==
 * F9 or F10 need to be amazing--not ordinary releases--quality must be a focus!
 * We do not have a real focus on testing
 * We need to have consistent, good bug days and attract people
 * What is the status of Beaker?
 * What is Red Hat's level of involvement and strategy for the testing project they announced last year?

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