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Good riddance, ESR

While ESR has been little more than a thorn in our sides for quite some time, 
he seems to think he's still rather important around here, and he has much of 
the Linux media thinking the same thing.  I'm sure most of you have already 
seen some publication about his rather noisy exit, and many of you have 
probably shaken your heads in disappointment in his behavior and the 
attention he has received for it.

I'm not writing to start up some ESR-bashing thread, though.  I want to ask if 
I'm the only one that thinks a tasteful rebuttal is in order.  The publicity 
that ESR has created may be very damaging, even if it is only used by people 
who already don't like Fedora as fuel for their pre-existing flames.  I think 
we should consider responding with some damage control, either through a 
direct rebuttal that addresses ESR's true relationship to us and our 
positions on some of his key statements, or through a positive "press 
release" that does not directly respond to ESR, but rather delivers a 
positive message and progress statement.  The latter might be in some ways 
similar to Max's Slashdot interview last year.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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