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Re: the danger of becoming a cargo cult

On 26.02.2007 21:18, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
Something clicked in my head today when I was talking with Jonathan
Blandford on the phone today.  He described to me the idea of the Cargo
Cult, something I had never heard of:


In fact, there's even an entry for use in computer science:


> [...]

So far we've been good, I think.  We haven't lost our soul, or by mixing
metaphors, our religious practices.  But there's still a lot of
opportunity in the future to make a mistake like this.  So we need to
keep vigilant and keep our sense of purpose.

That is all.  Carry on.

Agreed -- but nevertheless *I* still have the impression that Red Hat and Fedora developers work to much with upstream on improving the Linux software stack (which is a good thing in general, but: ) and don't care enough about our distribution specific stuff.

Ubuntu is much more active in that area and thus has some interesting stuff that we are already still working on (codec buddy) or have on our Roadmap (say: new initsystem). That makes them much more attractive these days afaics, as they also get the improvements Red Hat has worked out automatically, too (often before we ship them).

To say it in another way: In the past it was Red Hat Linux that lead the way (upstream and in the distribution) and others had to catch up under the risk to run into a "Cargo Cult". These days it seems to be Ubuntu.

Just my 2 cent.


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