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how to govern and manage the new combined repository (second proposal from thl)

Thorsten Leemhuis schrieb:
> Quoting Bill from:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2007-January/msg00091.html
>> What's left of the Core Steering Committee
>> is going to work with the Fedora Board and FESCO to figure out just
>> how this new combined repository is going to be governed and managed.
> Yeah, that becomes more an more urgent afaics. The idea was raised to
> sort this out in a special IRC-meeting and/or conference call with
> people from the Core Cabal, FESCo and the Board. [...]

Here is my second proposal:

New proposal, again with a small graphic attached:

- FESCo and the Core Cabal (f13 and notting [jeremy is a member of FESCO
already]) become FTC -- Fedora Technical Committee (the final name still
needs to be discussed, there are some alternatives floating around).
That makes 15 Members for now.
- the FTC sits below the Board and handles all the day to day work and
the details around the packages and the releases; some of that work get
delegated to be done by SIGs (Extras has some already that simply
continue to exist; further create SIGs [even if that means only one or
two people] for each Spin). Big or long term decisions (roadmaps for
example) get worked out together by the FTC and the Board.
- Those four members that are in the Packaging Committee and in FESCo
now will represent the Packaging Committee in FTC, too. The Packaging
Committee at the same time becomes a SIG. It will work as before;
similar how FESCo and the Core Cabal had veto power it's now FTC that
can block decisions.
- the FTC will run with a similar scheme how FESCo ran until now (e.g.
in the open, public meetings, ...)
- the FTC in the current form has a lifespan until six weeks after F7
was released. The FTC until then has to work out a plan how FTC will be
constituted after that (e.g. size, seats [some elected, other
appointed?], fixed level of community/red hat members, ...) together
with the Board.



PNG image

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