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Re: rawhide and Fedora QA [was Re: why I'm using Ubuntu instead of Fedora ATM]

On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 16:19 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:

> on the plus side:
> * it is now rawhide everywhere, so people can find information about it. Yay!
> on the negative side:
> * AFAICT, still no information about why people should actually use
> rawhide, or how they might use it. So the naming work is for naught.
> on the very negative side:
> * I tried to edit a bug today to make it more useful by correcting the
> out of date information in it. I'm now told that to make the bug more
> useful, I have to create a gpg key and sign the CLA.

This was all on the Wiki?  Because there aren't any such requirements on

The Wiki + CLA situation is a bit out of hand; we're working on it, but
waiting for the next Moin release so we aren't making it _worse_. :)

> Needless to say, the bug is still useless and will remain that way for
> the foreseeable future.
> Generally, I'm just shocked that Fedora seems to attach so little
> significance to an area where we should be kicking the crap out of
> proprietary operating systems, and where volunteers should be making
> it substantially more cost-effective to produce software.

Sorry, which is the area with little significance attached?

We have an ongoing problem with barriers to entry for Fedora.  Legacy
stuff + legal bits + lack of resources to fix stuff (compared to other
perceived priorities).  As a tie-guy-to-be, I thought you'd understand
the murky waters around e.g. the CLA ... why it has to be, why it's hard
to find good ways to sign it, etc.

Fortunately, we do have this that I worked out with Mark Webbink:


Bottom line -- GPG signing required for work that goes directly into a
package we ship.  So, going onto the Wiki can be done with a
click-through CLA.  Which is why we are waiting for the next Moin
release to implement ... any day now ...

But this just feels like a bandage.  We really need a small project
focused on finding these barriers we've erected or stumbled behind, and
figure out how to lower or knock them to the ground.

- Karsten
   Karsten Wade, 108 Editor       ^     Fedora Documentation Project 
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