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Re: Fedora Board Recap 2007-JUL-10

On 7/12/07, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org> wrote:
[Note that this is not an official position of Red Hat Legal; I am not
a lawyer (yet), and I am particularly not your lawyer (yet). Were I
speaking as part of Red Hat Legal, I would speak with an @redhat.com

On 7/12/07, Josh Boyer <jwboyer jdub homelinux org> wrote:
> > == Brief discussion of GPL v2/v3 and EULA for F8 ==
> >  * Consider adding license version tagging to spec file - push to FESCo
> >  * Need to raise awareness to examine code coming from upstream during version updates
> >  * Mostly packaging issues that need to be discussed with legal
> Can you explain this a bit more please?  Particularly if you're going to
> push it to FESCo.
> 1) Why do we need to examine code coming from upstream updates?  (E.g.
> only to make sure the license tag spells out the correct version?)

Consider a not very hypothetical hypothetical: (the details of the
incompatibility are simplified and possibly even incorrect, because I
have been at the office *a lot* the past three days, but the basic
idea is there)

* Samba releases a library which is GPLv3. They are upstream for
libsmbclient; it is their prerogative to do this.

* Fedora packages and ships this new, GPL v3 libsmbclient.

* Fedora rebuilds things which link against libsmbclient, but which
are not GPL v3.

* Fedora distributes. Voila... a (potential, depending on the details)
license violation!

Here, all relevant upstreams have done the right thing, and yet Fedora
has committed a license violation. So Fedora might wish to put into
place review procedures which minimize the risk of this occurring.

BTW, folks might want to take a look at the first question in :


to get a sense of GPL v3/v2 compatibility issues. I'm not completely
sure I personally agree with every square of the chart, but it at
least gives a good overview of where the likely problems are.


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