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Re: Mailing list reorganization summer 07, round 1

Jeremy Katz wrote:

=== Other adjustments ===
Short term: create a alias @lists.fedoraproject.org under which the
current and all the new lists are accessible.

Need mmcgrath to comment on feasibility here.  Mike?

This should be near done. I'm waiting from some more info from Red Hat's guys on actual IP information. AFAIK though the lists are ready and waiting for @fedoraproject.org lists. Note: this does create more work for our team on new list creation because we'll have to create an alias in our systems for the new list. This could cause delay for some new lists.
== Details how to achieve that end-goal ==
Some lists get renamed
(http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=all#4.70 ; users thus
don't have to care about re-subscribing) and some get closed, with the
old users invited (not subscribed) to another list.

In the past, there has been resistance to doing list renames like this.
Perhaps that's changed, but it needs investigating.  Mike -- let me know
if you want me to check into this

I'm not familiar with the history of this so if you get a moment I'd appreciate it.


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