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Re: Mailing list reorganization summer 07, round 1

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Ah, chance to clear up one of my pet peeves.

And have these in the end:

 * fedora-devel-users

 * fedora-pkgs-commits

fedora-cvs-commits is better or make it fedora-packages-commits. packages makes it more clear and we are likely to be moving off cvs to a distribute SCM.

 * fedora-fesco

Are we going to move to open archives? Atleast the board members should have access to it. Previously this was extras specific but not anymore.

 * Successor: fedora-fesco (or just fesco? but we have the fedora-prefix
everywhere else, so better not)


There was the idea to rename fedora-advisory-list to fedora-project
list. But fedora-advisory-list works well, so maybe it's better to not
touch it... Should we nevertheless create a fedora-project list as
discussion list for Fedora-wide things where different groups
(packagers, art, docs, EPEL, ...) can share informations -- we don't
have such a place currently and some people seem to miss it

There is really no specific advisory board group anymore. This list is open to all so a name change might be better and fedora-project list sounds good. Do we need a fedora-ramblings list for random rants and news?

We could redirect
users to fedora-devel-list and fedora-devel-users; or, if we want to
keep the list, consider to rename it to fedora-desktop-developers.

Clarifying that it is for developers would be better than closing this.

=== fedora-list ===

This is mostly a list where users help he other. fedora-users would thus
be a proper name that would make its use obvious. But would renaming be
worth the trouble? Maybe keep it in mind for the longer term

Rename isn't worth the trouble IMO.

  * fedora-r-devel-list

SIG list just like perl or java but there is inconsistency in between perl-devel and devel-java. Pick one style and rename the others.

  * fedora-art

We need this. This has a active team with many art specific discussion.

  * fedora-xen

Rename to fedora-virtualization since we now have kvm and shortly will have lguest too.

  * fedora-websites

This should be retained.

 * should we have a official mailing list coordinator that has to ACK
new mailing lists?

FESCo might designate someone here. Warren Togami or Thomas Chung might be interested.

Suggested settings (can all be found on the first mailman settings page)

 * the reply-to should not be modified by mailman (first_strip_reply_to
= no)
 * the reply-to should point to the list (reply_goes_to_list = this list)
 * no explicit Reply-to-Address (reply_to_address = <empty> )
 * no tagging (subject_prefix = <empty> )

* reject HTML mail automatically with instructions on a wiki page to enable text messages on their mail clients.

* Clean up web interface messages. Some of them refer to core and extras for example and nearly all of them have not been updated for years.


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